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ARIA portable ultrasonic diffuser



Pocket Ultrasonic Diffuser

ARIA is a portable ultrasonic diffuser for your face that ultrasonically atomises the water particles and the active ingredients used by the skin to nourish and hydrate itself, penetrating more quickly and effectively into the skin. It can be used on hands, body and face, even on make-up, positioning the device about 20 cm from the skin. For an optimal result and effective absorption it is recommended to make 4/5 deliveries of Face Mist per day, the super moisturizing cosmetic combined with the device.

•  Quick charge with USB included in the package
•  15 days of autonomy
•  Color matt white with soft touch effect  
•  Size 11.5 x 4 x 2.4 cm
•  Package Contents: ARIA, carrying case, mini USB cable
•  Product to be used with Face Mist