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First scented capsules in the world

Mr&Mrs Fragrance promotes technology , applied to perfume and design.

However, it favors the most intuitive and user-friendly ones, to integrate them into its products, to make them accessible and enjoyable for everyone, adults and children.

In particular, it has developed the capsules Mr&Mrs Capsules on air®, the very first scented capsules in the world, with a patented and deposited design.

Simple, ingenious and safe

They have been designed to ensure a constant, faithful and efficient diffusion of the perfume, from the solid state. The capsules Mr&Mrs Capsules on air®, contain highly advanced polymers, that encapsulate all of the ingredients composing the fragrance, except alcohol.

The olfactory notes inside the capsules are released into the environment, when they are crossed by a room-temperature air stream, generated by the Mr&Mrs Fragrance electronic devices.

A new way to perfume interiors

The capsules Mr&Mrs capsules Capsules on air® can be used in the Mr&Mrs Fragrance electronic diffusers only.

They represent the first expression of Mr&Mrs Fragrance’s creativity, combined with innovation, functional research, aesthetics and perfumery. Thanks to this Made in Italy technology, Mr&Mrs Fragrance stands out in the international home fragrances industry, for being a niche company which was able to develop a new concept and way to scent interiors.

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01_hawaian poppy
02_malaysian black tea
03_indian black pepper
05_rosewood of quebec
06_mint of cuba
08_florence talcum powder
09_malibù ocean
10_pure amazon
11_samoan woods
12_gardenia of tahiti
14_paradise in kauai
15_maldivian breeze
18_rose of morocco
19_asian vervain
20_hokkaido lavender
21_papaya do brasil
22_reunion island vanilla
23_siberian leather
24_emotions of new england
25_arabian oud
26_orange flower
27_sandal of kerala
28_white tea of china
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